Program and Examination Regulations (PER)

The Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek) draws a distinction between Program and Examination Regulations and Examination Committee rules and guidelines.

Program and Examination Regulations (PER)

The PER is the Program and Examination Regulations for a program and contains clear and sufficient information about the program, making it the basic document for both students and teachers.

Subjects covered by the PER include:

  • the content of the program and the associated final examinations, the number and sequence of other examinations and the times when these can be taken
  • the type of examination (oral, written or other types of examination)
  • the period of validity of successfully completed examination components
  • the right of inspection and evaluation

Addenda have been drawn up in connection with the Covid-19 measures. These include (temporary) amendments to articles in the PER.
Addenda that apply to all TU/e Master's programs can be found here.  
Addenda that apply also to the four Master’s programs of the department Mechanical Engineering (internship and graduation project) can be found on CANVAS 4INFOSC.