Coaching and Professional Skills

Coaching and Professional Skills

You will be the future proof academic engineer, that is, an engineer who is able to make a significant contribution to society in the future. Your Master’s program will prepare you for this future and the development of professional skills are a major part of this.   

Today's careers are built on a much broader spectrum than a diploma only. For you as a student, just acquiring the knowledge is no longer sufficient.

Nowadays, companies demand more and more of their future employees. Professional skills, like writing, presenting and teamwork, are essential to become a successful researcher, designer, teacher, entrepreneur or manager.

How can I develop my professional skills during my Master’s program?

You start with a well-defined personal development plan. This development plan should include curriculum choices, professional and academic skills you want to develop, aimed at  your career path after graduation.

TU/e Diagnostic Test of Professional Skills

To get you started on your development plan, the TU/e Diagnostic Test of Professional Skills (a skill assessment) gives you more insight on the level of your skills. You discuss your personal development plan with your mentor. 

During your Master’s degree you will execute and review your personal development plan. You have ample opportunity to develop your skills. Think of courses, internships, your final project, but also during extracurricular activities in study associations, using the TU/e SkillsLab, alumni mentors from the Alumni Coach Network, the TU/e Career Academy and other My Future partners.

CV with impact

You can show your accomplishments in your CV. This will show your future employees how you have worked on the development of your professional skills. If you want to know more about how to create a CV with impact, check out the website of the TU/e Career Academy.

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