For students that have started their studies in 2021 or later the graduation phase consists of three formal parts:

  1. a seminar
  2. a graduation preparation phase to prepare your graduation project
  3. your graduation project.

Students starting in 2020 or earlier do not have a preparation phase. If you have started prior to September 2021 please see the graduation checklist CSE/DSiE/IST for forms and procedures.

Prior to starting the final graduation phase you have completed your orientation and decided with what cluster you would like to graduate. We ask you to consult with the cluster contact on your intended study program to see if it matches their requirements. You can find tips on composing your study program on the page of the research clusters below.

Before starting your preparation phase you should first choose and consult the intended graduation project supervisor as they will also supervise your preparation phase. As graduation project supervisors can act assistant professors, associate professors and full professors from the relevant research clusters depicted below:

If you are in doubt how to choose the graduation supervisor please consider contacting your Teacher Coach

You need permission to start your preparation phase. To obtain permission you fill out form 2: start preparation phase. This form also contains an updated version of your individual study program and needs to be cosigned by your intended supervisor - see page preparation phase for more information. When filling out your forms and indicating your intended cluster for graduation please use the codes in the overview above. For Data & Artificial Intelligence, SPOR and Discrete Mathematics please indicate the research group withing the cluster.

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