EE research groups

Contact person: ms. Marja de Mol

The mission of the section electronic systems is to provide a scientific basis for design trajectories of digital electronic circuits and systems “from (generalized) algorithm to realization”. To identify the key problems, and verify the validity, robustness and completeness of our results, we develop, implement and maintain consistent and complete flows, and use them for realizing innovative multimedia hardware with emphasis on video processing and embedded architectures.

The research focuses on how to convert the “art” of designing electronic systems into methodology, an absolute necessity, because

  • the complexity of modern integrated circuits continues to increase,
  • new physical phenomena at submicron feature dimensions are having more and more impact, not only on performance, but even on the functionality,
  • and the heavy demand pull from signal processing applications, in particular multimedia and telecommunications, requires rigorous and robust answers. 

The approach taken is an algorithmic one, based on combinatorics and process algebra. The main application area is video processing. More information can be found on

Relevant courses are:

  • Combinatorial algorithms (5MC10)
  • Computer architecture (5MD00)
  • Design automation (5MD20)
  • Signal processing for communication (5ME00)
  • Video processing for multimedia systems (5P530)