For students that have started their studies in 2021 or later the graduation phase consists of three formal parts:

  1. a seminar
  2. a graduation preparation phase to prepare your graduation project
  3. your graduation project.

Students starting in 2020 or earlier do not have a preparation phase.

Students starting their Program from September 2023 cannot complete their preparation for graduation phase without completing the Study & Career Orientation Program (2IMR10 SCOP/e). You will be registered for this course automatically at the start of your program.

Students that have started their program prior to this date, but have not yet been matched with a Research Cluster/Supervisor or Graduation project cannot start their graduation project without completing the administrative part of the 2IMR10 SCOP/e course. Please register on Canvas for more information.

Note: for students following the 2021 curriculum, please request forms via the Academic Advisors while we work on improving the graduation process.

Graduation Supervision

All preparation for graduation and graduation projects (including external or company projects) need to be supervises by an assistant professor, associate professor or full professors from the relevant research clusters and groups depicted below. The Study & Career Orientation Program will help you find a match with a supervisor within one of these research groups

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