Stage 5: Approval Examination Committees

When you have completed stages 1 to 4, you can submit your internal double diploma program to both Examination Committees. To submit your request please use this webform, your request will automatically be submitted to both Examination Committees after you have selected the corresponding email addresses. Please use the webform on this page only for internal double diploma requests and for requests regarding changes to a previous approved internal double diploma program. For other requests you can follow the standard request procedure of the specific Examination Committee. 

Your request should contain:

  • a motivation
  • the complete program proposal form
  • a planning of the internal double diploma program

Pay attention: 

  • You must submit your internal double diploma program before the start of your third year of registration for the program(s);
  • Only when both Examinations Committees have approved your program, your double diploma program is formally established and can be activated;
  • Please bear in mind the (possible) different deadlines for submitting requests per Examination Committee for their monthly meetings. Please check the website of the concerning Examination Committees.

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