STOOR members

Sophie de Hont

Hi! I’m Sophie de Hont and I am in my fourth year of Applied Physics. I really like all the fun things you can do as a student in Eindhoven, but I also enjoy the studying. Since this takes quite some time I think it is important that the quality of education is as good as possible. Therefore I enjoyed being a member of STOOR in the last few years. As a member of STOOR I hope I can convince you how important it is to give feedback on your courses such that the education can continuously be improved. Because in the end, the better the education the more we learn!

Viktor van Bilsen

Hi everyone, my name is Viktor and I’m a third year Applied Physics student. I am an active member at my study association J.D. van der Waals and I am the chairman of H.S.A. Confluente this year! I am also part of the honors track ‘Competitive Programming and Problem Solving’. In my spare time I like to cook, paint portraits, Mario Kart and visit the cinema's around Eindhoven. The reason I wanted to work at STOOR is because I aspire to be employed in education after I graduate. So I hope that by working at STOOR I can make a difference in making the study as gratifying as it could possibly be!

Rick Hellinga

Hi everyone, My name is Rick Hellinga and I am a fifth year student at our university. This year, I started with my double Master's program in Applied Physics and Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion. Besides my Bachelor Applied Physics, I also followed the educational minor at the Eindhoven School of Education. I completed my final traineeship, which means that I am certificated to teach physics to Dutch high school students. Besides my study, I am also active in some committees of our study association and love to play tennis at the courts of the student sports centre. I am really looking forward to use these experiences in practice at STOOR in order to optimize all our wonderful study experiences!

Jolien van Walt van Praag

Hi, my name is Jolien and I am fourth year Applied Physics student. Besides my study I like to read. I have done a few comittees at our study association and have been part of the pp-council. Now, I can help improving our study by joining STOOR and get some new experiences. With feedback from other students, I hope to make our study even better.