General rules

To be admitted to one of our pre-master programs the candidates should have followed a relevant program  in higher vocational education (HBO) and meet the entrance requirements for Mathematics and English. For further details see "Admission".

Students that have successfully completed a large part of their pre-master program during the first half-year of their studies and would be at a demonstrable disadvantage should they be
required to wait for the completion of the pre-master prior to joining the master program, can apply for a special permission of the Examinations Committee to follow master study’s components:

•  Students should have to pass all courses during the first half year to be eligible for this exception.
•  Students following a 30 EC pre-master program that can be followed within half a year are not eligible.
•  Maximum of 15 EC of master study’s components can be approved.
•  The eligible courses have to be determined in advance.
•  The application should be discussed with and submitted to the academic advisor for (pre-)masters in Computer Science (

Please note that the course you register for, determines the regulations you have to follow (see Section 1.4 of the Computer Science graduate program guide). You should consult OSIRIS and check whether the course you intend to take is a Bachelor College course or a Graduate School course.

Successful completion of the pre-master program grants admission to the corresponding master program. Pre-master graduates cannot be admitted to international programs (EIT Embedded Systems, EIT Data Science, Erasmus Joint Master Degree: Big Data Management and Analytics).

It is not possible to follow additional homologation courses in a master program after a finished pre-master. For a deficiency that exceeds 30 EC, students are advised to enroll in the preparatory Bachelors program.