Program Committee

The program committee (OC) gives advice on:

  • The education program
  • The education and exam regulations
  • All matters concering education, also in connection with the research of the faculty

In addition:

  • The OC yearly judges the way the Program and Examination Regulation (PER) is implemented
  • The OC contributes to the further development of the education by thinking along about new concepts at a high level and by assisting with the further content-related implementation

The program committee IS (OC IS) currently has five teaching members, i.e., members of staff from subdepartments who contribute substantially to the education of students, and five student members nominated by the Intermate study association. The chairman of the OC-IS is chosen from the teaching members. Teaching members can serve on the committee for two years; for student members it is one year.

The program committee also has a number of members with an advisory capacity: the Director of Education, the Policy Advisor and the the Education Officer from Intermate.

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More information

  Want to know more? Contact Secretaris OC IS at +31 40 - 247 8951 or via the contact form below.