The Industrial Design pre-master's program is a one semester program of 30 ECTS. During the pre-master program you participate in one project and four assigned courses.

During the semester, you can focus on developing your deficiencies, according to the Departmental Admission Committee (DAC), before you are eligable to enter the Industrial Design masters' program.

Click to open Pre-master Curriculum in .pdf (Applicable to students who start in September 2022.)

You can find project and course information in the Osiris Course Catalogue.


Code Name ECTS
DPB230 Project Design (Research) 10


The courses of your pre-master program are assigned by the Departmental Admission Committee, based on your deficiencies, and clustered per professional educational background:  

Check the Master PER (Program and Examination Regulations) for more detailed information about your curriculum, regulations etc. If you want to find out more about the possibilities to deviate from the standard program, please contact the Academic Advisor.