This information is derived from the Program and Education Regulations.


If you have not passed an examination with a written final test, you will be registered by the Departmental CSA for the first subsequent centrally organized written retake of the final test for that study component.


If you have not passed a Competence Assessment you are only eligible for a retake of the if you have completed the criterium Design and Research Process with a sufficient mark. The examiner determines whether you can improve the work to (at least) a P or 6.0 with a retake within the timeframe of 3 weeks.

Improving your grade

If you wish to retake a final test of a course or Competence Assessment for study components that you have successfully passed in order to improve your final grade, you must register at the departmental CSA no later than ten working days before the scheduled date of the final test period. This means that for a Competence Assessment you need to contact CSA ID within five working days after receiving your result.