Expansion pre-Master's program

If you have (almost) nominally completed semester A of your pre-Master’s program Mechanical Engineering, you are allowed to expand your pre-Master’s program with a maximum of 15 credits worth of Master’s courses. The Examination Committee has to grant you permission to enroll for these additional courses.

This exception is only applicable in the situation that you meet the following conditions:

  • You have completed a minimum of 15 credits within the pre-Master’s program
  • You can demonstrate to have sufficient prior knowledge to participate in these specific Master’s courses

How to arrange this expansion

If you meet the criteria above, please email your academic advisor with the filled out pre-Master expansion form for approval below. After approval, you send a request to the Examination Committee to ask permission for this expansion. The Committee will make a decision based upon the criteria above. If you get permission you will receive an invoice for these extra courses.

Good to know:

  • It is not possible to complete more than 15 credits worth of Master’s study courses;
  • These extra courses are not part of your study progress requirement. Only if you successfully complete your standard pre-Master’s program in one academic year, you are allowed to start the Master’s program;
  • The credits obtained for these master’s study components shall be recorded on your Master’s diploma including your obtained grade;
  • The tuition fee for these Master’s courses is similar to the fee that you have paid for your pre-Master’s courses.

More information

 Want to know more? Contact Academic Advisor Master ME via the contact form below.