The regular procedure for reporting absent

Absence during exams

Have you missed a final or interim exam due to illness or personal circumstances?
When you are absent during an exam, please report this to your academic advisor no later than 24 hours after the exam. In your email, please mention the following:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Course name + code
  • Type of exam (first attempt final exam /second attempt final exam /interim exam etc.)
  • Date of absence
  • Reason of your absence

Please know that you can always participate in the resit of a final exam in case you miss your first attempt; regardless of the reason of why you were absent. Our educational office (CSA) will enroll you for the resit automatically a few weeks after the first final exam.

Have you missed a progress test?
If you are unable to finish a progress test within the given period, you can participate in the resit (regardless of the reason you missed the first opportunity). Check the Canvas page of the course for more information or contact your lecturer.  

Absence during courses

If you are ill or absent during a course, please check the Canvas page of the course and notify all relevant parties, for example fellow students and tutors. It is crucial that these persons are contacted as soon as possible. After your return, you can get in touch with them again to make arrangements to get back on track.

If your illness or absence takes more than a few days, it is likely to affect your academic progress and possibly causes a study delay. In this case you should contact your academic advisor – and if relevant your student mentor or tutor – right away.

Absence during DBL courses
If you are ill or absent during DBL meetings, you should notify the following persons in advance:

  • The DBL coordinator (me.dbl@tue.nl)
  • The tutor of your DBL group
  • Your fellow group members

Covid-19 related absence

For Covid-19 related absence different regulations may apply. Please take a look at this page for the current procedure.