Empowerment for Health & Wellbeing

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle is currently one of the main problems in western society. As a result, the costs of healthcare and increasing exponentially. This combination currently presents a huge societal but also an economical and organizational challenge. To give focus to the challenge at hand we pose the following question: "How do we get people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing?" You will try to tackle this problem by learning how to develop and design systems together with these people, in a real context and with a real client. Through advanced design processes you will learn about working with patients and therapists to develop physical or digital tools that empower people to take their problems into their own hands.

What will you do?

In this Honors track you will conduct a 1-year project that you can define yourself by presenting your vision on the future of healthcare and wellbeing. Do you have an idea that empowers people or helps them manage their own personal wellbeing? Then in this track you will have to opportunity to bring that vision into reality! You will be inspired by lectures, workshops and company visits to companies such as Medtronic, Radboud UMC and more.


You will learn to work with patients, therapists and healthcare professionals. You will engage in user-driven innovation and co-creation methods such as Experiential Design Landscapes. You’ll also be able to bring your idea from paper into reality by prototyping hardware and software. Tools such as 3D Printers, Laser cutters, Electronics and Software are at your disposal.


Last years the track has completed projects on improving training methods and motivation for hand-bikers by implementing a music system that responds to heart rates, an interactive system that enables easy, photo-based communication between elderly and their grandkids and extensive research into the relation between stress and mediated touch in a dentist-context.


This honors track is under supervision of a staff member of the Systemic Change research group at the department of Industrial Design at the TU/e. The Systemic Change research group investigates highly interactive systems in a societal context. They use an experiential way of research, often called research-through-design, building proposals and prototypes that facilitate and guide the research towards a possible direction the solution should take. This makes Empowerment for Health & Wellbeing a hands-on honors track, with opportunities to build prototypes, both in software and hardware, and in the context of a real user.