Nuclear Fusion Power for the Netherlands

New in 2023-2024

Nuclear fusion, the dream of a clean, sustainable, and inexhaustible source of energy, may be close to practical feasibility. Since a few years, investors are pumping billions into start-up companies that claim that with the present science and technology basis, they can develop a fusion power plant within a decade. Assuming that a demonstration reactor will not be long in coming, we want to position the Netherlands as pioneer in this field by building (one of) the first commercial fusion power plant(s). This honor track aims at creating a concrete plan to achieve a competitive nuclear fusion reactor. Such a plan entails much more than selecting a particular reactor technology. Rather, it focusses on the relation between the technology and the environment: societal impact and acceptance, impact for industry (the end-user of the energy as well as the supply chain for the construction of the high-tech project), political support and integration in the NetZero2050 strategy, use of space/integration in the landscape, number and type of jobs created, and the training and education plan to achieve that work force, and last but not least: the financial aspects, including the possible collaboration with private parties who want to invest in this pioneering. The TU/e, home of the only Dutch and internationally leading MSc-programme on Nuclear Fusion, is the only Dutch University where such a plan can be developed. We have all the expertise, the network, and the most importantly, the interdisciplinary collection of bright students. Let’s go for it!

From 2023-2024 this new track will be offered by the Honors Academy. Are you interested? Then join the information session on March 20 to hear more what this track offers.


Make a concrete proposal for the first nuclear fusion power plant in the Netherlands.

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