Testimonial Max


Max Aerts


Industrial Design

Honors track

Energy Transition 

Why did you choose this track?

The current society relies highly on energy. Whether it is electrical or from fossil fuels, we can no longer operate any production or transportation process without it. Our current way of harvesting energy has a big impact on our planet, therefore I believe that innovation in this area is needed. I chose the Energy transition track because I believe that it provides opportunities for new innovations and therefore also new business opportunities. 

What have you learnt during the track?

During the track I gained a lot of experience. During your studies you are provided with a lot of knowledge from books, but putting it into practice is another thing. During the honors track I was able to use the knowledge gained from books and put them into practice. This ‘putting into practice’ helped a lot in giving insight into my future job and provided me with ‘life lessons’ and therefore helped me to develop myself as a person.

What do you like best of the track?

For me, the best aspect about the track was the freedom of doing a project of your own interests. This helped us to develop ourselves in the areas in which we wanted to develop.

What is the added value of the track?

The added value of the track is the expertise and feedback of the supervisors who are specialized in the energy area.

Did the track fit you? Why?

The track suited me well because I’m interested in innovation and business opportunities. Currently there is a lack of innovation in the Energy sector, while we all know that we need to find an alternative for fossil fuels, so innovation is needed.  This excites me.

How did you get to know the Honors Academy?

I was approached by email for the honors track and decided to visit one of the Information Days. When I was there, the academy left a very good impression and I was excited to see what value it could add to my resume. 

Why would you recommend the Honors Academy?

Learning by doing is the best way of learning because it provides you with experiences that cannot be learned from the book. Within the Honors Academy you are able to gain these experiences.