1. Submit application

You can apply by submitting the form 'Application form Honors Master Program' (see downloads below) and attach an application letter and send this to the Graduate Program Director of your own Master program with CC to the Honors Academy (

In this letter you motivate why you want to apply for a position in the Honors Academy and you show what makes you a motivated candidate for the Honors Master Program. You can show this in anyway you think it will support your application.
And you need to enclose a first draft of your Personal Development Plan as appendices.

This includes:

  • a description of your project/activity
  • a mission statement: what do you want to achieve?
  • learning outcomes: what do you want to learn and develop during the honors program, both professionally and personally? You discuss the above in terms of (academic) knowledge, skills and mindset and you explain why you need these developments or why you want to develop this knowledge, skills, and mindset.
  • how the learning outcomes are linked to your mission statement

Make sure that all of these descriptions are as SMART as possible.
This is just a start for the PDP, it does not have to be perfect and it will most probably also change during the program. 

Evidence of past performance is not just the Grade Point Average (GPA) you have achieved as an undergraduate (Bachelor) but also includes extra curricular activities and achievements. 

2. Application interview

After you have submitted your application with evidence and motivation, your application will be reviewed by your Graduate Program Director (GPD). If the application is convincing he/she will invite you for an application interview.

3. Conditional admission

If your interview was succesfull your GPD proposes you to the Dean of the Honors Academy, who will then decide to conditionally admit you. And then you are ready to go. (definitive admission will happen after the PLE phase and when you have meet certain requirements).


Since the Honors Master Program is done on top of the regular program, there are some limitations to the duration of the program. You have a total of 18 months to finish the Honors Program. In addition, the time you have to finish your Master program and graduate with "Honors" is limited to 32 months. This is described in Article 7.2 of the rules and regulations. 

2023-2024 Application deadlines

Application timeline start March 2024

What When Who
Information session Honors Master application

February 22, 2024

12:35 - 13:25 hrs 

Location: to be announced

Honors Academy and new master students
Deadline application March 1

Honors master candidate sends application letter + Personal Development Plan (PDP) to Graduate Program Director (cc

Application interviews March 4 - 15 Graduate Program Director and candidate
Deadline conditional admission March 18 Graduate Program Director sends advice admission of candidate to Honors Academy
Admission decision March 15 Honors Academy informs the student about admission and invites student for Canvas page (if admitted)
Honors Master Kick off March 21 Get together to meet your fellow students, PLE teacher(s), Honors staff and HSA Confluente
Deadline registration for PLE course March 22 Student via Canvas
Start course Personal Leadership Experience 

March 25 or March 26

13:30-15:15hrs or 15:30 - 17:15hrs

Student and PLE teacher

More information

Want to know more? Contact the Honors Academy via the contact form below.