Program components Honors Master Program

The Honors Master Program has a minimum workload of 20 credits on top of your regular Master Program. It consists of two interrelated components: Personal Leadership Experience (5 credits) and Professional Development (15 credits).

The Personal Leadership Experience is offered and organized by the TU/e Honors Academy. For the Professional Development component you have quite a lot of freedom: to a large extent you can gear this towards your own ambition, drive and interests. 

The infographic below shows you the steps of the full Honors Master Program, from application to graduation.

  • You can start every October (applying in September) and every March (applying in February).
  • Ideally, you start the Honors Master Program at the same time as the start of your regular Master Program.

Important: regulations

Since the Honors Master Program is done on top of the regular Master Program, there are some limitations to the duration of the program. You have a total of 18 months to finish the Honors Master Program. This period starts counting from the first PLE session (more or less the conditional admission date). In addition, the time you have to finish your regular Master's program and graduate with "Honors" is limited to 32 months. This is described in Article 7.2 of the regulations, which can be found here.

See also the regulations for other important notes to take into consideration.