Supervisor for Professional Development part

After the PLE sessions, you start with the Professional Development part of your program. To coach you during this part of the program, you need to have a supervisor. You are responsible for finding and choosing an academic supervisor, but your Graduate Program Director and the Honors Academy can help you with this.
The supervisor helps you with the Professional Development part. You are responsible for shaping your own individual program, but the supervisor can support you with this search/developing phase. You can find more examples on the website (honorsacademy-TU/e). The supervisor is also involved by the assessment of the Professional Development part. Depending of the chosen project/activity and the student needs, the guidance from the supervisor could be more or less intensive. The guideline during this process is the Personal Development Plan (PDP) of the student. Supervisor and student have meetings about this PDP and the supervisor give the student feedback of this plan. Through these meetings the process will be monitored. NOTE: Your supervisor needs to be a (TU/e) scientific staff member who has been appointed as an examiner for the Master program.

Some tips to help you find a supervisor