The goal of CareerTV is to make as many students as possible aware of the fact that it is important to start in time working on their professional & career skills. Through short episodes of CareerTV with different topics an insight is provided into the different opportunities after graduation and the possible problems you as a student might encounter.


The OFFICIAL release of CareerTV! In this introduction video we find out how well students are prepared for their career by asking them some tricky job interview questions in MetaForum. Every week a new video will be released so keep watching!

In this second episode of CareerTV; Jan Fransoo, dean of the TU/e Graduate School, Jan Fransoo tells you all about the different possibilities TU/e offers you to work on your career.

PhD & EngD, ever wondered what they are? And what the difference actually is? In this episode of CareerTV, two students explain everything you need to know about these post-master programs!

In this episode of CareerTV, a Philips campus recruiter gives you a quick guide on how to update your CV!

Do you want to be your own employer in the future? In this episode of CareerTV, Jeoffrey tells you all about his experience as an entrepreneur!

In this episode of TU/e CareerTV, Joost Wouters, assistant professor at TU/e, explains why he is so passionate about being a teacher, and what you need to become one.

Companies increasingly let you go trough an assessment. In this episode of TU/e CareerTV, Mariëtte van den Heuvel, assessor at Euflex, gives you some insights in assessments, and why companies use them.

What is it like to work for a large company? In this episode of CareerTV Mart Schoenmaker, manager Software Engineering Baggage at VanderLande, tells you all about working in a large technological company.

Ever wondered how it is to be a COO of a company like HelloFresh? In this episode of CareerTV Pauwel Wiertsema tells you all about his job as COO at HelloFresh.

You're graduated, and then? Your first job interview. How do you prepare yourself for such an interview? Dave Coppen, recruiter at VanderLande, gives you some helpful advice.