The TU/e Career Cookbook

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On a daily basis, we connect with others in lots of different ways. We call our relatives, visit friends, have coffee breaks with colleagues, or we hit the like button on our pal’s social media post.

Recently, we were discussing what connects people and we were looking for a way to connect TU/e students with alumni and industry professionals through a common interest. Something that would bring a smile to everyone’s face, no matter what language you speak or where you are from.
Coby mentioned a cab ride from Beşiktaş to Sabiha Gökçen airport in Istanbul one very early Sunday morning. She struggled to communicate with the driver, because they spoke the other person’s language only ‘biraz’, a little bit. Half an hour later however, they had managed to connect because they had tried to talk about football and food.

This led to Hilde sharing a similar situation, walking into a birthday party from an old friend last year. The table was filled with all sorts of delicious Caribbean specialties and people were having a good time. Though she hadn’t met any of the other guests before, there was one topic that easily got the conversation started and created an instant connection: Food!

A great meal does not suddenly appear on the table. It is important to gather the right ingredients and follow the steps of a recipe (ideally in the proper order). An experienced cook adds, adjusts and tastes the food several times to check if it is satisfying. The way you focus on preparing a dish, is similar to finding yourself a suitable career path. It requires attention and timely preparation. Taking the time to digest useful career tips and peeking around in different ‘kitchens’, enables you to create a career path that is up to your taste. By reading, networking and practicing you will learn more about where your skills lie, what you are good at and what career path will give you fulfilment.

This cook book represents a very unique mix of delicious recipes and useful career tips for an optimal preparation for your future career. It is divided into three chapters containing starters, mains, and desserts in combination with career related tips.

A fine selection of professionals from industry and TU/e alumni who were once in your shoes, are sharing their favorite recipes and most useful career advice with you. Ranging from instructions on how to make a good pasta pesto to the best tricks on contract negotiations, we believe there is something tasty for everyone in this book. We encourage you to take your time, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to connect along the way.

Bon appetit!

Coby Doreleijers & Hilde van Esch
Career & Professional Skills - TU/e Career Academy