Bachelor Final Project

Bachelor Final Project

You finish your Bachelor studies with the Bachelor Final Project (BEP). BEP assignments correspond with ongoing research activities within one of the research groups of the Applied Physics department. Under the supervision of an academic staff member, you carry out an original research project within the department. Additionally, students have the option to join a BEP at the innovation Space, a so called ISBEP.

The BEP is scheduled either over two consecutive quartiles or completed as one block. You can choose for a 10 credits Bachelor final project (3CBX0) or a 15 credits Bachelor final project (3CEX0), please check the Osiris Course Catalogue for more information.

Prerequisites and enrollment

You may start your BEP if you obtained at least 120 credits, including:

  • the compulsory study components of the first year of the Bachelor’s program, and
  • the study component 3B3X0 Experimental physics 3 or 3B3X0P Experimental physics 3. Only for those students for whom the course 3B3X0 Experimental Physics 3 was relocated from Quarter 4 (2019-2020) to Quarter 3 (2020-2021), this prerequisite does not hold.

Enrollment takes place via the BEP registration form and Osiris.

To do

Please check the Bachelor Final Project study guide and the assessment protocol for more information regarding the organization of the BEP and follow all steps carefully. 


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