Curriculum start year 2023/2024

Curriculum start year 2023/2024

The Bachelor's program Applied Physics lasts three years and is completed with a Bachelor’s Final Project. Each year is worth 60 credits, with each credit equivalent to 28 hours of study. The academic year is divided into four quarters. In every quarter you will have three courses in parallel.

The Bachelor's program includes 180 credits and consists of the following components:

  • Core courses - 125 credits (including the multi-/interdisciplinary CBL challenge and the Bachelor's Final Project)
  • Impact of Technology courses - 10 credits
  • Electives - 45 credits

The first year is designed to give you insight into the contents of the rest of your studies. It includes 55 credits of core courses and a 5 credits ITEC course. In the second and third years you will explore Applied Physics in more depth and will have the opportunity to take electives.

Combined program

It is possible to combine the Bachelor's programs Applied Physics (AP) and Applied Mathematics (AM). More information about the double diploma program AP/AM can be found here.