MyFuture Activities

MyFuture Activities

MyFuture Activities are career orientation activities that will help you as a student to gain an overview of your future career options from a variety of sources. The activities range from lunch lectures by professionals on specialized topics, to business cases from companies active in a variety of fields, and workshops on improving your creative and personal skills.

The MyFuture Activities are a mandatory part of all bachelor’s programs at the TU/e starting the academic year of 2020-2021. Students of the generations 2019-2020 and older are not required to participate in them.

MyFuture Activities

Point values (MFA) are attached to MyFuture Activities that are approved by the Education Board. You are required to earn a total point value of 7 MFA minimum in approved activities over the course of your bachelor’s program.

Different activities can yield different values of MFA, depending on factors like the amount of time taken up by an activity or how in-depth an activity is. A general overview of how points are distributed can be found in the image below.

How to obtain MyFuture Activities

All MyFuture Activities can be found here. Activities organized specifically by our department and CHEOPS can be found here by searching for 'CHEOPS'. When attending a MyFuture Activity, remember to bring your student card so your attendance can be registered. To view your progress for the MyFuture Activities, as well as your Studium Generale USE points, visit Academy Attendance and log in with your TU/e account.

Attending MyFuture Activities

When attending a MyFuture Activity, it is important that you bring your student card so your attendance can be registered.

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