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Please note: The curriculum of the Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences will change from the academic year 2023-2024 with the implementation of the Bachelor College 2.0. This means the current curriculum will be phased out starting this academic year. The study components of the ‘old’ bachelor year 1 were provided for the last time in the previous academic year 2022-2023. More information about the transition arrangements can be found on this page.

The curriculum for the Bachelor program in  Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences encompasses three academic years. Below you can find an overview of the program per year.

Bachelor College

As a student of the TU/e Bachelor College you can create your own program based on your interests and ambitions. It's up to you whether you want to combine courses of different subjects to get a broad orientation, or dive into specific subjects. For detailed informaton about possibilities and requirements, see the page Electives Courses and Packages. This is the general setup of the 3-year Bachelor College:

Basic courses 30 credits
Major courses 90 credits
USE 15 credits
Free electives 45 credits
Total 180 credits

Basic courses, such as Calculus, are given to all future engineers at TU/e. Major courses are mandatory courses related to the field of study of the major, in this case the Built Environment. A USE-trajectory gives a perspective on the role of users, society and enterprise in the context of developing new technologies. You can complete your program by choosing free electives. For an overview of the complete program including course codes, levels and timeslots, see downloads.


The Built Environment is a very broad and multidisciplinary field of study. Architects, structural engineers, building physicists, urban designers, project developers, construction managers... these are just some of the many professionals that work together on better buildings and public spaces.

The bachelor program AUBS is designed to help you orientate on the different profiles:

B(PSD) Building Physics and Services / Structural Design
A(UDE) Architectural Urban Design and Engineering
U(SRE) Urban Systems and Real Estate

Throughout the entire bachelor, you will follow major courses that will teach you the fundamentals for every profile. From the start of the first year, you will explore these profiles by following signature courses and by doing projects. At the end of year 1 you will start specialization by choosing a main profile for year 2 and 3. During the second and third year you will specialize within the different profiles as a preparation for one of the master programs.

More information

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