Program year 1

Program year 1

In the first year of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, you will orientate on the different BAU-profiles. By following different major courses, by doing projects and career orientation, you will get familiar with all three profiles. Year 1 will help you answer the questions: What subjects do I like? What are my capabilities? What will my career look like?

At the end of year 1 you will start specializing by choosing your main profile and coherent packages (electives) for year 2 and 3.

Below is an overview of the program for year 1:

All courses are worth 5 ECTS, except BAU-studio 1 (10 ECTS).

All courses with a ☆, have integrated professional skills.

You need to achieve 45 out of 60 ECTS in the first year, this is the so-called Binding Study Advice (BSA) regulation. For more Information on the Binding Study Advice, please look into the Program and Examination Regulations (PER) on the regulations page.


The first year's studio is dedicated to the three profiles B, A and U. In the first half year you will do three projects, one for each profile. This will get you familiar with the subjects of the profiles and helps you discover which one fits you best. In BAU-studio you will also learn how to work in groups and learn the basics for handdrawing and most-used software such as AutoCAD and Photoshop.


You can choose 2 electives in year 1. You can choose from all electives that are offered by our department, or even courses from other departments. Please keep in mind that some courses require prior knowledge of the subject. You can use OSIRIS to find all available electives. Alternatively, you can check the AUBS Program provided in the sidebar.

These electives are recommended:

Q2 7T2X0 Building Technology In this course you will learn about the basic properties of common building parts (e.g. structure, floors, roofs, facade), as well as common solutions. This course also teaches the technical drawing standards that are helpful through your entire studies.
Q4 7N3X0 BAU-studio 2 In BAU-studio 2 you can try out one of the B, A or U profiles by doing a more in-depth project. This is a good opportunity to test if you made the right choice for your main profile in year 2 and 3.

In quartile 3 of this year, you will receive more information about chosing electives and coherent packages in year 2 and 3. If you would already like to know more, you can look through the PowerPoint presentation under 'downloads' on the right-hand side of this page, or you can check out the page Elective Courses and Packages.

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