Elective courses and packages

Elective courses and packages

The curriculum of AUBS consists out of 45 credits for free electives and 15 credits for a USE-trajectory.

Coherent packages (electives)

You can find an overview of our coherent packages (electives) in the sidebar of this page, under downloads. All USE-trajectories are listed here.

Within the space for electives (this year 4 courses, next year 6 courses), there are 3 study planning scenarios that relate to how many coherent packages you choose:

  • Scenario 1, two coherent packages: The coherence between these courses (min. 25 ects) is guaranteed by the complete packages and no additional motivation is needed. After validating your default planning, you can submit it for approval and the examination board will approve your planning without any further questions since it automatically meets the requirements.
  • Scenario 2, one coherent package, completed with single elective courses: Choose at least 1 complete coherent package and add single electives from any other (mix of) package(s). Submit your planning for approval including an explanation and motivation of your planned courses.This scenario gives you some freedom to choose another course if, for example, you encounter a schedule conflict between courses. This scenario is chosen most often.
  • Scenario 3: only single elective courses (not recommended): You choose to take no (complete) coherent package at all, but you make your own study program by choosing all single (individual) elective courses. A detailed motivation is required, preferably discussed with, for example, the Master coordinator. The examination committee will assess your planning and motivation and decide on the approval on the basis of the chosen courses and your extensive motivation.

You do not necessarily have to choose packages belonging to the same BAU-profile that you've chosen for your projects. E.g. you can follow 4 AUDE projects and do a Structural Engineering Essentials package if you are interest in both Architecture/Urbanism and Structural Design.

Pay attention to the planning of your elective space, like every course, electives and USE-courses have their own timeslots. Make sure you have no overlap using the TU/e PlanApp. For an overview of your options, see the page Electives and USE.

You are free to choose from all coherent packages offered by the Bachelor College, within and outside our department.

These are the coherent packages offered by our department:

Package BAU-profile
Architecture AUDE
Architecture and Urbanism AUDE
Building Physics: Building and Environment BPSED (BPS)
Building Physics: Building Climate and Systems BPSED (BPS)
Liberation of Light BPSED (BPS)
The Science of Sound and Music BPSED (BPS)
Smart Mobility Design USRE
Structural Engineering Essentials BPSED (SED)
Structural Engineering Advanced BPSED (SED)
Urban Systems, Real Estate, and Construction Management 1 (previously Urban Systems and Real Estate 1) USRE/CME
Urban Systems, Real Estate, and Construction Management 2 (previously Urban Systems and Real Estate 2) USRE/CME
Urbanism AUDE

All of our coherent packages are offered in English.

An overview of the packages offered by our department and the courses included in then can be found in the sidebar of this page, under 'downloads'.


AUBS students that want to do the ESOE program to become a physics teacher (lerarenopleiding, in Dutch) must choose these 3 coherent packages: BPS1,  SD1, SD2, OR choose 3A1X0 and 3AMX0 at the TU/e physics department and additional electives to fulfill own program.


The TU/e Bachelor College has a broad offer of USE-trajectories. You can choose any of these trajectories.

The department of the Built Environment offers the USE-trajectory Design for a Sustainable Future.

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