Program year 2

Program year 2

 At the end of year 1 you have chosen a main profile (B, A or U), coherent packages with electives and a USE trajectory. This year you will do four projects belonging to one of the BAU-profiles, continue with the major courses and you can follow 4 electives or courses from your USE trajectory.

Below is an overview of the program for year 2:

All courses are worth 5 ECTS.
All courses with a ☆, have integrated professional skills.

B/A/U projects

The B/A/U projects cover multiple subjects within the main profile. For example, AUDE students have both architecture and urbanism projects, and BPSD students have both building physics and structural design projects. Exploring four subjects will help you find out which subjects of the profile comply with your interests and ambitions.
All projects are given once a year. For the exact order in which the projects are given, see the AUBS program in downloads.

Electives / USE

You can find an overview of our coherent packages (electives) in the sidebar of this page, under downloads. All USE-trajectories are listed here.

Within the space for electives (this year 4 courses, next year 6 courses), you have to complete 2 elective packages and 1 USE-trajectory.

You do not necessarily have to choose packages belonging to the same BAU-profile that you've chosen for your projects. E.g. you can follow 4 AUDE projects and do a Structural Engineering Essentials package if you are interest in both Architecture/Urbanism and Structural Design.

Pay attention to the planning of your elective space, like every course, electives and USE-courses have their own timeslots. Make sure you have no overlap using the TU/e PlanApp. For an overview of your options, see the page Electives Courses and Packages.

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