Professional skills

Professional skills are important for your development as an engineer and for your future career. Within the bachelor program AUBS there is an extensive trajectory which helps you acquire and improve your professional skills.

The trajectory, which consists of 6 different skills, is integrated in the major courses of the bachelor program. Each skill recurs three times, as there are three different levels. This is largely parallel to the three years of the AUBS program. In total, the professional skills are worth 5 ECTS (a part of the credits you get for the course in which the skill is integrated). In order to pass the hosting course, you need to get a sufficient score for the professional skill.

Below is an overview of AUBS courses with professional skills:

Skill Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Cooperation 7N1X0 7TT4X0 / 7OO4X0 / 7PP6X0 7NN9X0
Communication: Presentation 7N1X0 7TT6X0 / 7OO6X0 / 7PP4X0


Communication: Writing 7N1X0 7S4X0 7AUX0, 7BPX0, 7SDX0, 7USRX0
Reflection 7N1X0 part of 7CB2 Career orientation 7NN9X0
Planning and Organizing 7N1X0 7NN9X0, 7TT5X0 / 7OO5X0 / 7PP5X0 7AUX0, 7BPX0, 7SDX0, 7USRX0
Finding and processing scientific information 7U4X0 7UUX0 7AUX0, 7BPX0, 7SDX0, 7USRX0

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