The future engineer will become more important as a link between technology and society. For this purpose the USE packages have been introduced. Ten packages of 15 credits each are offered, each organized around a theme (e.g. Entrepreneurship or Robotics). The preferred USE package for Data Science contains the three Data Challenge courses.


In this phase, you explore the subject and acquaint yourself with the main insights and discussions relating to the subject. In addition, you do a number of case studies to study the interaction between technology and the surrounding environment. The case studies can be related to various areas of technology.


Here, you become acquainted with the theories, methods, and techniques of social and management sciences and the humanities. For a more in-depth package, choose subjects that deepen your knowledge.


In this phase, you apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to a project within a relevant area of technology. These projects can be design or research oriented, and are offered by various departments. This allows you to make connections between a range of technologies.