Application Process

Application Process

During the B3.1. semester, you have the option to go abroad for an exchange. You will join the education program of our partner universities for one semester. Planning for an exchange begins in the first semester of the second year. Most partner universities only have a few places for incoming exchange students and there are deadlines for both nomination and application periods.

Perhaps you have discovered an interesting partner institute abroad that offers courses that would help you in developing your expertise areas, professional identity, and vision. Or perhaps this institute offers you the best courses to develop the skills that you require for preparing your final bachelor project. In these situations, an exchange might be a good option for your B3.1. semester.


If you plan to go abroad for your B3.1 option, please check the Fact sheet Industrial Design Semester Abroad on the Forms and files page. You will find practical information and links on how to prepare and the timeframe of the application process.

Contact the Exchange Coordinator in order to discuss your motivation for a university and the availability of places. The exchange coordinator cannot be nominate you for an exchange after the deadline of PDP approval has passed and/or if you do not meet the entry requirement for nomination.

Take into account that some partner universities have a different year planning, and which can make it difficult or impossible for you to participate in the exchange. So check carefully what is feasible and discuss this with the exchange coordinator.


Once the Exchange Coordinator receives the signed Formal Approval Form (check the year planning for deadline), she will check if you are eligible for nomination (by TU/e guidelines).

If you are eligible for nomination, you will receive an invitation to start your application for your semester abroad in Mobility Online (our online application system). It is important that you indicate at least three preferences on your Formal approval form and you will need to submit these preferences in Mobility Online.


You will receive the allocation for a preferred partner trough Mobility Online. (This process is very time consuming, so please be patient). Once you accept the allocation, the exchange coordinator will nominate you at the partner university and you will receive more information on the application process.

Acceptance is decided by the host university. You should have other options for your semester in case the application is not accepted. It is your responsibility to read all the information carefully and make sure that you meet the application deadline.

Each partner has a different application process, but the following documents are required by most partner universities:

  • Valid travel documents (passport is required for travelling outside of Europe)
  • Verified) Transcript of Records – contact
  • Language proficiency requirement – check if TOEFL/IELTS is required or if letter from exchange coordinator is sufficient
  • Portfolio

While working on your application for the allocated partner university, you will continue to follow the steps in Mobility Online as well.

One of the steps in Mobility Online will give you the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.