Options External Learning Activity

Options External Learning Activity

Activities in the first semester of the third year (B31) are selected in the second year of the Bachelor program. Bachelor students can choose a learning activity in an external context:

  • Internship: be part of a (design) organization and discover how to apply your skills and knowledge in an industrial setting.
  • Exchange: study at a partner university abroad because their expertise and curriculum matches your interests.
  • Minor / free-minor: study at a university in the Netherlands because they offer topics that are not covered in our curriculum.
  • Electives: do courses at other departments of the TU/e, to expand your knowledge in specific expertise areas

The B31 semester is aimed at exploring, building and challenging your professional identity and vision. Based on your development in the past two years, you can choose which of the learning activities suit your growth best. 

Elective space level requirements

When making a decision for a specific learning activity, take into account that these activities have different entry requirements and which you need to adhere to. Information on the level requirements can be found here

Information Session

Once each semester, an information session is planned on how to arrange your learning activity in the third year. All second year students are welcome to join this session and ask questions about the organization of an internship or exchange. Relevant deadlines and the Powerpoint of the informationsession can be found on the Forms and Files page.

Personal Development Plan

It is important to maintain a structured development during your Bachelor program. Therefore you are required to discuss your external learning activity with your teacher coach in your second year.
Your plans for an external learning activity are documented in the Formal Approval Form (see below) and your personal development plan.

Formal Approval

You can find the template of the Formal Approval Form on the Forms and Files page. Discuss this form and the PDP with your teacher coach during the meeting before the approval deadline. The teacher coach will assess the personal development plan and choice, based on adequate motivation. He/she will check if there will be sufficient opportunities (of the right level) for you to realize your goals as formulated in your personal development plan in your chosen learning activity.

The teacher coach needs to sign the Formal Approval Form and approve your choice of learning activity in the third year. You then upload the Form in the PlanApp. You also need to save the completed form; in the third year, you will be asked to include the form in one of the deliverables.

The deadline for uploading the Formal Approval Form can be found in the yearplanning on the Forms and Files page. The deadline for going on an exchange is already in your B21 semester, for all other external learning activities the deadline is in you B22 semester.

Please note that your teacher coach is usually the same person as your Project 3 coach. If you are unsure please contact CSA ID.

Exchange and Internship Coordinators

For every exchange and activity that takes place abroad, you can consult the Exchange coordinator. For an internship you can contact the Internship Coordinator. Their contact information can be found on the Contact page.

Registration in Osiris

Register your chosen activity in Osiris using the appropriate code: You can find more information on the courses in the course descriptions in the Osiris course catalogue.

DPB310 Internship National Company
DPB320 Internship International Company
DPB330 Internship University Abroad
DPB350 Research Project
DPB340 Exchange University Abroad
DPB360 Minor other University (e.g. Minor at Department IO Delft, Minor at Department IO Twente or Minor at University elsewhere*) *EC ID approval letter obliged for processing results
DPB400 Register for this code AND the chosen courses in Osiris

Registration for Canvas

In order to establish a link to Canvas, the administration will enroll you in the umbrella code for the B31 options afterwards (DBID31). This code has no credits and is purely an administrative link to connect to Canvas.