Minor and free-minor

In your third year you can choose for a so called “minor” or “free minor” in which you follow courses at another university in the Netherlands as your External Learning Activity, which is part of your elective space. This minor can provide you with knowledge and skills related to the areas of expertise of Industrial Design but are not offered in our curriculum or at the TU/e. 

General information on your options in the third year and other relevant information such as how to register in Osiris and the Formal Approval can be found here. 


The minors from the IO (“Industrieel Ontwerpen”) departments from TU Delft and TU Twente are pre-approved for ID students. This means that you do not have request approval to the Examination Committee to include this as part of your Bachelor program. You will still need to discuss your choice with your teacher coach and get his/her formal approval. You also need to register in Osiris for this activity. 


If you want to do courses at another department than IO of TU Delft or TU Twente; or at another university and department in the Netherlands, you request approval for this from the Examination Committee to include the minor course package as part of your ID Bachelor program. 

Contact the universities for their minor options in the relevant semester. The procedure: 

Make an overview of your (envisioned) package of electives at the other university.  

  • Discuss the courses with your teacher coach and possibly your academic advisor. 

  • Hand in a request to the Examination Committee for a formal approval of your free-minor. Consult the request information well when writing your request. Your academic advisor can give you feedback on your draft request. 

  • Make sure you have the Formal Approval of your coach before you request approval of the Examination Committee. Without the formal approval of your coach, the Examination Committee cannot take your request into consideration. 

  • You also need to register in Osiris for this activity. Consult the dates and deadlines for registration on the Forms and Files page

When you have received an answer from the Examination Committee, you can complete arranging your free-minor at the host university. Note that some minors have their own deadlines for application. 

As you are already enrolled as a student at TU/e, you do not have to pay extra tuition when studying at another university in the Netherlands.

Processing credits

After finalizing the semester and receiving all the grades; make sure to hand over a result list (or Transcript of Records) from your host university to the Center for Student Administration (CSA ID) at the TU/e department of Industrial Design. 

If you did a ‘free-minor’, include the approval letter of the Examination Committee (EC ID) to the Transcript of Records. 

Your results will be processed within the TU/e system after the CSA ID has received the results list and approval letter from the EC ID. Please know that we only award 25 ECTS for a minor, additional courses you took will only show on the Transcript of Records from your host university.

Qualitative feedback

In addition to the received grades, we advise you to collect evidence, write reflections and write a report. Ask for qualitative feedback from a coach or teachers at the host university and collect evidence of what you have developed. Start collecting all these materials as evidence for your final bachelor portfolio.