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To ensure you develop your design skills and expertise areas to the fullest, we need guarantees regarding the learning environment of your internship. Therefore, you are strongly advised to select a company and company coach that fit the profiles described below:

  • Organizational structure: doing an internship at a one-man businesses is not allowed; unless the company owner is currently teaching at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Design assignment: the company must offer a clearly framed design project and/or tasks for the intern, or an agreement has to be made about the assignment before the start of the internship.
  • Development: the intern’s project(s) must support the development within (some of) the areas of expertise and support the intern’s PDP learning goals.  
  • Understanding of the Department of Industrial Design: the company must have a clear understanding of the value of an Industrial Design student as an intern (either the company has former ID students as employees, is involved in a Squad or project or has had positive reviews of previous ID interns and their coaches). New companies, or companies that have not had interns in the past two years, need to sign the agreement for internships to confirm they understand conform to these criteria.
  • Relatives: the internship cannot take place at the company of relatives and/or a relative cannot have the role of your company coach. 

Company coach profile

  • Degree and background: the company coach must hold a MSc. degree in (Industrial) Design or have at least 10 years of professional experience. The company coach is preferably an ID Alumnus/Alumna from the TU/e.


Your learning goals are the starting point in finding a suitable company for an internship. Your goals should align with the nature of the assignment executed within the company. Suitable internship vacancies and approved internship clients can be found in the Vacancies and Clients section. You can also check the closed Facebook group for Industrial Design students. When you have found and selected an appropriate company that complies with the profile and coach as stated above, you can contact the company and apply for an internship. 

An application for an internship position should consist of:

  • Application/Motivation letter1in the application letter you address why you want to do an internship at the company and why you would be suitable for the internship position. 
  • Resume1a resume is a list of education, (voluntary) jobs and other qualifications and skills.
  • Portfolio2: in your design portfolio you can show and describe past design experiences, projects, developed prototypes and other relevant skills.


1The TU/e Career Academy (located in MetaForum) can support you in writing an application letter (Cover Letter) and resume (Curriculum Vitae).  If you need extra support, you can drop by on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm at the CareerCenter desk at the Energy Forum in MetaForum.

2If you do not know how to create a portfolio, there are some valuable tips at:, but there are many other helpful tools you can find online. Study association Lucid also organizes events/workshops about creating portfolio.