PlanApp procedure


The Osiris PlanApp allows you to plan your entire 180-credit degree program in advance. In the PlanApp you can find your required courses and add your electives and see if everything fits within the time slots. You can validate your plan as soon as you have timetabled these 180 credits.

After the plan has been validated, you can submit the "Electives- and use space" of 60 credits from the moment you have completed 90 credits of the 180. Offering the elective space of 60 credits is mandatory.

The elective space consists of 15 ects of USE curriculum, 25 ects of B31 option, and 4 free electives (the EC must give permission if more than 15 ects outside ID).The elective space is checked by the secretary of the examination board for overlap, for coherence and for depth. There must be sufficient level 3 courses present (see also the education regulations PER).
The secretary checks this by means of the signed Formal Approval Form that you have to upload together with your application. This must be done before you start your B31 option.
If everything is in order, your elective plan is formally approved by the EC secretary. If anything changes in your elective program, you must repeat these steps and submit a new elective plan for approval (with a new approved and signed form if your B31 option also changes)