What is Studium Generale

Studium Generale (SG) promotes the social, intellectual and cultural interests of students. Together with students, SG organizes lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, excursions, theater and film performances and workshops for students. SG also has the task of strengthening the cultural role of the university in the city and the region, and of supporting and promoting student amateur art. 

Part of your Bachelor's program

Participating in at least five Studium Generale activities marked with an USE- logo is part of your USE learning trajectory and thus an mandatory part of your bachelor’s program. 

Sign up

You can sign up at Studium Generale to participate in these activities. SG will register these activities when you visit them. The trajectory is successfully completed when you have participated in at least five activities before the end of your Bachelor program. Of course, you are welcome to join in more SG activities in the meantime. These are social, intellectual activities and a way of broadening your cultural interests. 

Check the number of completed SG lectures and more information about this through this page

Unable to complete SG lectures

A replacement assignment is available to replace SG lectures you are unable to attend. For more information, please contact Tijn Borghuis.