FAQ Examination Committee

Absence at intermediate tests or exams

Absence at a BC intermediate test or BC final exam must always be reported! The regulations can be found here.

Were you as an MSc student absent at an MSc exam? In that case, you can register yourself for the retake. 

An official report, what to do?

At ‘Downloads’ you can find information about the procedure in case of an official report.

How can I send in a request?

Fill in the form which you can find here. You will be transferred to a SharePoint page. On this page you can find all the information you need to submit a request. 

What kind of request can I submit?

  • To join the retake of a course without being present at the first attempt (Bachelor College Students) This request should have a solid motivation. 
  • To do an extra non-regular exam for a course other than the regular exams. This kind of request normally will only be approved when you fulfil the demands as mentioned in article 5.2. of the OER (3-3,5 year busy with your bachelor, BEP passed and 2 course open at maximum)
  • Approval of the free elective space, when this deviates from the rules with regard to coherence and level (Bachelor students)
  • Exemption for 1 or more courses based on your results at another university
  • To get approval for a dual degree. For such a request the exam committee needs an overview of your planned program, the advice of the relevant program manager and the approval of the exam committee pf the other study. 
  • To get approval to deviate from other rules or procedures like written in the OER, ER, BEP manual or Master Thesis manual

Almost ready to graduate; what is the procedure to register for the graduation and for intermediate breaking off your study?

To what exam committee do I have to send my request?

  • The exam committee of your main study (in case of a double degree the relevant exam committee).
  • Contact your study advisor of your own study program for advice about the request you want to submit.