Fysica in de Kliniek (MSc)

Students taking the appropriate courses during their BME-program in Eindhoven may be eligible for the certificate ‘Physics in the clinic’. This certificate is required for admission to the selection procedure for the training of Clinical Physics, though it is no guarantee that you will be admitted to the program.

Please note! Changes in the curriculum have lead to adaptations in the preconditions for the certificate.

Tip for BME or ME master students: you might consider doing some of these courses on top of your regular program.

Students from generation 2012 (Bachelor College) and generation 2015 (Graduate School)

BMT major (Bachelor College)

  •  Math/physics oriented electives during the 2nd and 3rd year

Master BME or ME (Graduate School)

  • Math/physics oriented specialization and electives
  • Graduation and specialization towards: 
    • Orthopedic biomechanics (ME or numerical oriented BME),
    • Cardiovascular biomechanics,
    •  Soft tissue biomechanics (numerical oriented),
    • Medical image analysis,
    • Computational biology,
  • Certificate Physics in the clinic: 
    • Radiation physics (8CM10),
    • Radio-isotopes and ionizing radiation (8NM00),
    • A signal analysis course, choose from the following: 
      • Statistical signal processing (5CTA0)
      • Digital signal processing fundamentals (5ESC0)
      • Adaptive array signal processing (5SSC0)
      • Biomedical sensing technology (5LSC0)

Students up to generation 2011

BME students up to generation 2011 need the following courses:

  • Radiation physics (8N120 or 8CM10)
  • New developments in fluorescence microscopy on living tissues (8H010), ór Microscopic Measurement Methods (4T300), ór Microscopy for biological samples (8MM10) ór an equivalent course on Optics (not 8N040)
  • NMR/MRI (8N080), ór Nuclear magnetic resonance (8N090), ór Introduction NMR and MRI (8NC20), ór an equivalent course on NMR/MRI
  •  Radio-isotopes and ionizing radiation (8N130 or 8NM00)

Update May 2014: Additional conditions to the curriculum. These agreements are only valid for the students started in 2011.

  • BME major + internal minor BME + master BME or ME + certificate courses
  • BME major + minor BIE or ME + master ME + certificate courses
  • BME major + minor BIE or ME + master BME + certificate courses
  • Specialization in the Master’s program towards (1) cardiovascular or (2) orthopedic biomechanics, or (3) Biomedical NMR, or (4) Biomedical imaging and modeling (biomedical image analysis and computational biology)

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