Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (MSc)

Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (MSc), 1TEMM9

The Certificate Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (CTEM) program helps students to enlarge their knowledge and improve their practice-based experience in the area of business management and technology entrepreneurship. All TU/e master, EngD and PhD students can enroll in the program. The certificate is awarded jointly by the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences and the TU/e Innovation Lab.

Learning Goals

The CTEM program helps students to:

- Broaden their knowledge by gaining insight into technology entrepreneurship and strategic, tactic and operational aspects of management of product development.

- Understand and interpret the role of technology entrepreneurship and business management in large established organizations, small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises and start‐ups.

- Be able to operate successfully in a corporate environment by means of the acquired business knowledge and skills.


The workload of the certificate program consists of 25 ECTS, of which 10 ECTS (see component 3) have to be followed on top of the regular MSc or PhD program.

The certificate program consists of three components and starts twice a year.

Basic Course Technology Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)

Component 1: Master Course 1ZM20 Technology Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS) in Quartile 2.

Electives in the field of technology entrepreneurship and management (10 ECTS)

Component 2: Electives in the field of technology entrepreneurship and management (10 ECTS), choose two of the following courses:   

CTEM Course Course Code Quarter
1. Entrepreneurial Marketing 1ZM120 Q2
2. Network Society 0HM220 Q2
3. Strategy and Technology Management 1ZM40 Q2
4. Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights 0EM160 Q2
5. System Dynamics 1ZM65 Q3
6. Integrated Finance & Operations Management 1CM22 Q1
7. Entrepreneurial Finance 1ZM70 Q4
8. Open Innovation 1ZM90 Q4
9. Entrepeneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility 0LM150 Q4
10. Project & Process Management 1CM15 Q4


Obligatory course in the field of technology entrepreneurship and management (10 ECTS)

Component 3 consists of the innovation space project (10 ECTS), course code 1ZM150 (offered in Q1-4). 


The certificate program is successfully completed when the student passes each element of the program with a grade of 6 or higher, or by meeting the specified requirements.

When finishing your master, the certificate can be requested at the education administration with proof of the certificate enrollment, proof of having requested your master's degree, and a study progress document. Email with name and ID number and the mentioned documents. 

The successfully completed certificate will be signed by the Dean of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences.

More information during the kick-off meeting

Interested in obtaining your Certificate Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (CTEM)? Send an e-mail to with your questions and/or motivation to enroll in the program. Based on this e-mail we will invite you for the kick-off meeting that takes place at the beginning of each semester (September and February).


  • Complete the registration form ESA & submit the form to the Education and Student Affairs Center (ESA)

  • Subscribe for the CTEM program via Osiris (1TEMM9)


For specific questions, you can contact or Myriam Cloodt (