Technology Entrepreneurship (BSc)

Technology Entrepreneurship (BSc)

Program name: Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE) Bachelor (BSc CTE)

Language: English

Target group: BSc students at TU/e as well as external students

Enrollment: see instructions below the content of the program


The program is the responsibility of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Group: Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing. The coördinator of the BSc CTE program is dr. Annelies Bobelyn.


The course workload represents 20 ECTS (study points). 25% to 100% of the program (a minimum of 5 ECTS) must be followed on top of the regular BSc program.

Content of the Program

15 ects compulsory courses (as part of or in addition to the regular BSc program): these are the courses of the USE package ‘Technology Entrepreneurship’ (note that they can only be followed in this order):

Course code and name Why follow? Ects Period

1ZEUB0  Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship

Get to know and experience the nuts and bolts of

technology entrepreneurship



1ZSUC0  Organizing Technology Entrepreneurship

Learn how to sustain and grow established organizations with corporate entrepreneurship



1ZAUB0  Project Entrepreneurship in Action

Be an entrepreneur!


Q4 and Q1

5 ects elective courses: students must choose one of the following courses on top of their BSc program* (recommended to be followed after 1ZEUB0). Please note that the obtainment of these additional 5 ects may not be used to qualify for another program/certificate (e.g. HONORS track) and vice versa:

Course code and name Why follow? Ects Period Theme in 1ZAUB0

0ZK00 Intellectual Property Rights for New Ventures**

Use intellectual property law to protect what you know and can




0BTE00 Advancing Light for Human Functioning

Learn how to create value in the light ecosystems




7XSUC0 Green Business Models

Learn how and when to use (green) business model innovation



Energy, Circular economy, Agro Food, Logistics

   * The Bachelor-level course 1ZSUB0 Open Innovation that was given for the last time in 2013-2014 is also an eligible elective course for the BSc CTE.

 ** Students who have successfully completed the USE sequence “Patents Design Rights and Standards” may be granted dispensation from the course 0ZK00.

Some elective courses correspond to specific themes within 1ZAUB0 ‘Project Entrepreneurship in Action’; for example Energy or Light, as shown in the table above. If the elective course is successfully completed before 1ZAUB0 is followed, students will be given priority in assignment of projects within the corresponding themes in 1ZAUB0. They will then work on specific projects with those themes (for example Light or Energy).

NB: due to time schedule and planning restrictions, courses allocated to the same time slot cannot be followed simultaneously in the same quartile.

Admission criteria

Prior to enrollment, students must have obtained a positive BSA (Binding Recommendation for Continuation of Studies) or a first-year diploma

How to enroll

Enrollment can only be processed after the student meets the admission criteria.

Applications for enrollments must be submitted to ESA (Education and Student Affairs Center, MetaForum 1.300) using the registration form on the right-hand side of this web-page.


  • It is only possible to register for/ participate in the elective courses, if your registration form for BSc CTE has been received by ESA one month before the deadline associated with course registration before the start of a quartile (see the red lines in the calendar for the list of upcoming deadlines. More specifically, as an example, if the deadline for course registration of 0BTE00 (Q2) is October 19, then your registration form for the BSc CTE should be handed in at ESA before September 19 of the same academic year.
  • On the registration form, please fill in as the starting date: day one of the next month.
  • After successful enrollment in BSc CTE by ESA, your BSc CTE study program will be administrated by the department of IE&IS. You will receive an email as soon as this has been done. From that moment, you can register in Osiris for specific courses of the program.
  • A student needs to renew the registration for BSc CTE at the start of every academic year (before August 1) as long as a student still intends to take courses for the certificate. Obtained results for passed courses remain valid.
  • Students who have successfully followed one or more courses of the BSc CTE program before they enroll (e.g. the USE package Technology Entrepreneurship), may be granted dispensation from these courses.


The certificate program is successfully completed when the student passes each element of the program with a grade of 6 or higher, or by meeting the specified requirements.

When finishing your bachelor, the certificate can be requested at the education administration with proof of the certificate enrollment, proof of having requested your bachelor diploma, and a study progress document. Email with name and ID number and the mentioned documents. 

The successfully completed certificate will be signed by the Dean of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences.


After each course component offered by the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, a course evaluation will be conducted. At the end of each course component, participating students will receive an invitation by e-mail to complete an online questionnaire. The results of the surveys will be used for future improvement of the program.

Learning Goals

Technology Entrepreneurship means making, designing, developing and commercializing new entrepreneurship based on innovative technologies. This certificate program is a modular program that offers students wide choices while also providing sufficient depth in the various areas of Technology Entrepreneurship. The main goal is to make students more competitive in the labor market by giving them the knowledge and the skills they need in how to transform innovative technologies into successful businesses. 

After successfully completing the CTE program, students will have the following competences:

  • Insight into the factors relevant for operation of a new venture;
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to identify new business opportunities (in both independent and corporate settings);
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to design a business model for a new business, iteratively refine it and present to external stakeholders

 Depending on the choice of in-depth elective courses, students will be able to:

  • Choose the optimal strategy to protect the company’s ideas, making trade-offs based on the advantages and disadvantages of the possible IP protection mechanisms.
  • Design an innovative business model taking the special aspects and regulations of the ‘green’ context into account;
  • Incorporate the influence of light on people’s lives in a venture design/business.

Committee of Appeal

The Examinations Committee of the department of IE&IS acts as Committee of Appeal.

OER / Examination Regulations of the Program

The clauses of the OER and the Examination Regulations of the IE&IS department are applied as long as they do not contradict the nature and content of the TU/e plus program.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I have to finish the certificate in one year? The only way for me to attend the certificate track is to spread it out over 2 years, otherwise the timeslots of my courses will clash.

A: It’s not a problem to spread the load of BSc CTE over the last two years of the bachelor program (moreover, it’s even supposed to be this way). You will get the certificate whenever you finish all requirements. However, you need to register as a BSc CTE student at STU every academic year.

Q: I am not registered as a certificate student, but I already follow the first course of the Technology Entrepreneurship USE track, namely “Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship”. Does this course still count for the certificate program?

A: It’s not a problem to follow certain USE courses from the BSc CTE program before actually signing up for BSc CTE. However, please do sign up as soon as it’s possible since otherwise you cannot take the elective courses. Each course has a deadline for enrollment: make sure you enroll into the BSc CTE program via the STU form at least 1 month before this deadline - otherwise your participation in the elective course cannot be guaranteed.

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More information

Want to know more? Contact dr. Annelies Bobelyn at +31 40 - 247 3613 or via the contact form below.