Register tracks

Register tracks

Within the master program ABP you can choose one of the register tracks as a variant of the track AUDE. The register tracks are designed to comply with the requirements to become eligible for the Dutch Architects Register and/or Urbanists Register. Because of this compliance, the register tracks have less elective space when compared to the regular AUDE track.

Like the regular tracks of ABP, the register tracks consist of core courses, specialization electives, electives and a graduation project. The credits are devided differently dependent on the track:

  Core Spec.
Electives Grad.
AUDE-A 55 5 15 45
AUDE-U 40 20 15 45
combined 60 30 0 60

Please note: the combined register track is worth 150 ECTS!

Dutch Architects Title Act (Wet op de Architectentitel)

The title 'architect' is a protected professional title in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch Architects Title Act, you must be listed in the Dutch Architects Register before you are permitted to use this title. Before you are eligible for the Register you have to:

  1. Obtain a recognized academic degree. Our register programs comply with the requirements set by the Architects Register.
  2. After graduation, do a Professional Traineeship, while working at an architectural firm.

Professional Traineeship (Beroepservaringsperiode)

Since 2015, you can only enter the Register after completing a Professional Traineeship (Dutch: Beroepservaringsperiode) while working at an architectural firm after your graduation.

For more information, visit the website about the Professional Traineeship or Beroepservaringsperiode

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