Architectural Urban Design and Engineering

What characterizes Dutch design is a healthy skepticism towards the commonplace and a willingness to consider radical possibilities. That is not an aim in itself, but a means to achieve satisfying solutions for architectural and urban issues that help to shape our lives. A high quality built environment emerges from the careful consideration of issues specific to a situation and this requires a critical and often innovative attitude. Society gains from a well-thought through architecture, produced in a culture that is both tolerant and inquisitive. The core program for architecture and urbanism is about finding the right fit between social, cultural, political, economic and environmental demands and testing them against the possibilities offered by technology, engineering and design. The building industry needs to come up with innovative answers that can help markets and governments move towards an appropriate model for future development without losing the wealth that we have built up. In the master courses and projects of Architecture and Urban Design and Engineering we stand at the cradle of inventive solutions for concrete spatial issues, based on substantial research, emphasizing the possibilities of the program, the qualities of a context and the rich traditions of the disciplines.

Overview of the track AUDE
More information about the curriculum of the track AUDE can be found here (downloads, program ABP_tracks). On this page you can also download the ABP-CME course overview (including electives and detailed information like timeslots). You can also choose to follow one of the register tracks as a variant of this regular track. The register tracks prepare you for enrollment in the Dutch Architects/Urbanists Register.