Building Physics and Services

The track Building Physics and Services covers a wide range of interdisciplinary research topics connected to building physics and building services. The aim is to acquire new knowledge and integrate and develop design methods that lead to a sustainable, healthy, comfortable and productive indoor and outdoor environment. The focus of attention is on physical aspects and processes such as heat and moisture transfer in building constructions, indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics, heating, ventilation, airconditioning and materials. BPS has a well-equipped laboratory and qualified technical staff . Research is carried out in the laboratory as well as in real life situations. The basic facilities allow for a wide range of experiments in all the aspects of building mentioned. The computing power laboratory also provides advanced simulation software like Fluent, ESP-r, Dirac, Radiance and COMSOL.

Below is an overview of the 120 ECTS track BPS (2022-2023):

You can download the curriculum of the track BPS together with the ABP-CME course overview (including electives and detailed information like timeslots) in the Downloads section.