Urban Systems and Real Estate

The track Urban Systems & Real Estate (US&RE) deals with teaching and research in the field of real estate management and (re)development; urban planning, (re)development and management of cities; and developing systems to support designers and decision makers. The track focuses on the functioning of cities including the local housing market, residential neighborhoods, shopping malls, urban green spaces, offices, et cetera, and transportation networks to connect all these components. In order to investigate how people live, work, shop, recreate and move around in cities, tools and models are developed to simulate and predict people’s activities and travel in the city. Such tools can be used to assess the likely effects of policy measures which may aim at making cities smarter and healthier, improving the quality of life in cities, reducing energy use and minimizing exposure to noise and air pollution. The focus on smart mobility and energy, jointly with ICT implies the combination of expertise to contribute to the development of smart and sustainable cities. Related professions are - amongst others- real estate manager, real estate developer, urban planner, transportation planner, researcher, spatial policy maker, building information technologist, expert in design and decision support systems, and process expert in large urban projects.

USRE teaching and research is related to the TU/e Strategic Areas Energy, Smart mobility, and Health and the departmental themes Quality of Life, Smart Living Environments, and Sustainable Transformation. We offer courses and projects, in most courses we expect student to contribute to the lectures as well. 

Overview of the track USRE
More information about the curriculum of the track USRE can be found here (downloads, program ABP_tracks). On this page you can also download the ABP-CME course overview (including electives and detailed information like timeslots).