Application and placement procedure

Master BME and master ME

The information on this page applies to both the master Biomedical Engineering and the master Medical Engineering.

Since the academic year 2017-2018 there is a so-called placement procedure for the master programs Biomedical Engineering and Medical Engineering. It implies that students will have to register for this placement procedure in order to be selected for the master. This procedure is in place for our own bachelor students, for side-entry students as well as for students who are following one of our pre-master programs (the latter participating on June 1st in the year they are following their pre-master).

You are entitled to participate to this placement procedure only when you have obtained a minimum of 150 ECTS credits within your bachelor ánd you have completed your propaedeutic phase (own bachelor students). More information about the placement procedure can be found in the admission and placement procedure under downloads. 

How to apply? 

Use the following form to apply for the placement procedure: Form of preference


In case you have convincing objections against your placement in a particular group you have the right to appeal within 4 weeks (max. 20 working days) after you have received your placement information. Please contact the Dean of the department Biomedical Engineering. If the Dean decides that your appeal is unjustified and you would still prefer to join a different research group, you are allowed to participate (again) in a following admission round.

If applicable, one can appeal with the Board of Appeals for Examinations, see Student Charter in the study guide. 


Do you have a question about the admission process and the answer cannot be found in the available documents, the study guide or via the information meetings? Please contact: