Web science stream

Web science stream

Students who started their studies of CSE prior to September 2021 follow the previous curriculum. The information below relates to the previous curriculum; if you are started your studies of CSE in September 2021 or later, this information is not applicable. Some courses may no longer be offered, or are offered under a different course code or name – if you cannot register for a course that is part of your program, consult the Academic Advisors.  

Over the past decade the use of web-based systems has exploded. Buying clothes, books, and DVDs, booking hotels, checking the weather forecast, contacting your friends: all of this is done on the internet nowadays, and novel web-based applications are developed every day. The CSE stream Web Science focuses on the technology behind these developments. In the stream you learn techniques needed to design intelligent and reliable web-based systems, their role in online business and you learn to analyze the use of such systems. As a graduate of the Web Science stream you

  • have knowledge of the principles and technologies that drive the Web,
  • have the skills to design effective web-based systems, and to analyze existing web-based systems and the data generated through their use,
  • can design intelligent information services using semantic-web technology or machine-learning techniques,
  • have insight into business, privacy and security issues related to web-based systems.

If you want to specialize more in the data-analysis aspect of Web Science you should consider the special track on Data Science in Engineering.

Stream mentors:

dr. Eleni Constantinou (e.constantinou@tue.nl)

dr. Joaquin Vanschoren (j.vanschoren@tue.nl)

dr. Odysseas Papapetrou (o.papapetrou@tue.nl)

Prior to the beginning of the academic year you should register for 2IMC95.