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The mandatory course

Quarter Code Course EC
1 2IMA10 Advanced algorithms 5

Stream mandatory courses

Quarter Code Course EC
1 2AMM20 Foundations of Data Mining  5
2 2IMV20 Visualization 5
4 2AMM10 Deep Learning 5
4 2AMD15 Big Data Management 5
4 or 6   Seminar1 5
year 2IMC00 Master project2 30

1 It is not necessary to request approval for the choice of a seminar. A seminar may be followed starting from the fourth quarter of the program. For students starting in the first semester, this implies that the seminar may be followed in the second quarter of the second year. In case of the seminar 2IMS00 and 2IMA00, for students starting in the second semester, the seminar may be followed in the fourth quarter of the second year.
2 The student is allowed to start with the graduation project only after the Master’s study program has been approved by the Examination Committee, and when examinations of the homologation study components have been passed.

Stream electives

You have to choose at least 20 credit points from this list.

Quarter Code Course EC
1 2IMS25 Principles of data protection 5
2 2IMS20 Cyberattacks Crime and Defences 5
3 2AMM15 Machine Learning Engineering 5
3 2MMD30 Graphs and algorithms 5
3 2IMV10 Visual computing project 5
3 2IMV25 Interactive virtual environments 5
4 0EM190 Infonomics 5
1,2, 3 or 4 SFC640 Academic Writing in English 5

Free electives (possibly including internship): 40 credits

Seminar and master project: 35 credits

Quarter Code Course EC
4 or 6   Seminar 5
7 and 8 2IMC00 Master project 30