Free electives

In principle all master courses offered at the TU/e can be chosen as free electives. Specifically, you may follow further courses in the program’s trajectories. Your complete study program including the free electives always requires approval by the examinations committee. Your mentor will help you to compose a balanced program that is very likely to be approved.

If you do not (yet) have a degree from another country or at least 15 credit points in international experience you are strongly encouraged to reserve 15 credits from the room for free electives to take courses abroad or to do an internship of 15 credits abroad.

The following courses are recommended free electives for DS&AI:

Code Course name Quartile
SFC640 Academic Writing any
2IMC10 Internship any
2IMI05 Capita Selecta any
2MMR40 Research Topic 1 any
2MMR50 Research Topic 2 any
2MMR60 Research Topic 3 any
8DM50 Machine learning in medical imaging and biology Q1
5ARA0 Software engineering for artificial intelligence Q1
5ARB0 Data Science: data acquisition and analysis Q1
7ZU4M0 Econometric analysis of housing markets: data, tools and strategies Q1
2IMA10 Advanced Algorithms Q1
2IMF25 Automated Reasoning Q1
2IMA35 Massively Parallel Algorithms Q2
5SSD0 Bayesian Machine Learning and information processing Q2
DBM180 Designing with advanced artificial intelligence Q2
4SC000 Optimal control and reinforcement learning Q2
0HM340 Human-AI Interaction Q3
2IMN30 Machine Learning for Industry Q3
DBM190 Designing with and for digital twins: A data-driven design perspective Q3
5SC28 Machine Learning for Systems and control Q4
5LSL0 Machine Learning for signal processing Q4
1BM120 Decision making with artificial and computational intelligence Q4
5AUA0 Advanced sensing using deep learning Q4