Elective courses

Overview Curriculum EE 2022-2023

An overview of the elective courses within the master program Electrical Engineering in the academic year of 2022-2023 can be found here (page 2 & 3). 

Elective courses

Elective courses are all master courses from Electrical Engineering, master courses from all other TU/e study programs and from programs from other universities. 

It is possible, but not preferred, to include a maximum of 15 credits of bachelor courses at level 3. Use this option for homologation purposes only.  

Core courses and specialization courses are also valid elective courses.  

Language courses (Dutch and English) are permitted at C level but no more than a total of 5 credits.  

In case of doubt, the Examination Committee EE decides if a course is admissible as an elective.  

A student needs an advice of his/her mentor on the whole program of examinations.

Excluded master electives

The following courses do not count as master electives: 

Overlapping master electives

The courses on the left in the table below overlap with the courses on the right. Therefore, these courses cannot be chosen both.

Code Course name Code Course name
5XPB0 Nano devices and integration 5CCA0 Semiconductor physics and materials
5LIS0 Computer architecture and c programming 5EIA0 Computation I
5LFK0 Circuit analysis 5ECA0 Circuits
5LIQ0 Linear systems, signals and control 5LIU0 Premaster linear systems, signals & control
5LIR0 Linear systems, signals and control DBL 5LIU0 Premaster linear systems, signals & control
4WM10 Career development 5CKG0 Career development
8GM00 Career development BMT 5CKG0 Career development
3MC010 Career development 5CKG0 Career development
0HM340 Human AI interaction 5ARA0 Software engineering for AI
7KT8M0 Finite element method, non-linear 5CPA0 Numerical methods in EE