Innovation Sciences

The Innovation Sciences Master’s Program teaches you how to analyze, manage and influence innovation processes at a strategic level. While innovation is crucial for economic growth, sustainable development and welfare, many inspiring technological ideas never become successful. Innovation Sciences focuses on gaining  a deeper understanding of why this is the case. You will  learn to understand and manage the mechanisms and processes involved in developing and  introducing new technological options.

Our students have an interest or a background in technology (such as Sustainable Innovation, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering or Physics) but would like to apply their skills on a broader, more strategic level. Important questions for innovation scientists include how industries, cities, regions or countries can create an innovative climate in a globalizing world. Courses focus on which factors and actors determine whether a new technology will succeed, as well as how government and business can introduce innovations  that lead to sustainable development. Within the Master program we therefore have two tracks:

  1. Global Sustainability
  2. Innovation Strategy and Policy

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